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A Word from our Interim Pastor...

For Sunday January 14, 2018
“God and the Sanctity of Life” Psalm 139:1-24

What is God really like? Where do I come from? How can my life have meaning?

These are questions many have wrestled with, and the psalmist David provides clear and amazing answers in one of the strongest pro-life passages in Scripture.

This Sunday has been designated "Pro-Life Sunday" in churches across our country, and I thought it would be appropriate for us to unpack David's great song about God and Life in Psalm 139 this week. In a sense we could label this the "How Great Thou Art" psalm, or the pro-life mandate psalm!

God, You know me fully (1-6)

  • Summary statement
  • Explanation
  • Response

God You are always with me (7-12)

  • General truth
  • Particular details
  • Response

God, You designed and made me (13-18)

  • Central truth
  • Specific details
  • Response

God, I must respond to You (19-24) 

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