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THEME                                     EXPLANATION                                                  IMPORTANCE

Beginnings                          Genesis explains the beginning of many            Genesis teaches us that the earth is well made and good.

                                              important realities: the universe, earth,              Mankind is special to God and unique.  God creates and

                                              people, sin, and God’s plan of salvation.           sustains all life.

Disobedience                     People are always facing great choices.            Genesis explains why men are evil; they choose to do wrong.

                                            Disobedience occurs when people choose        Even great Bible heroes failed God and disobeyed.

                                            not to follow God’s plan of living.

Sin                                      Sin ruins people’s lives.  It happens when          Living God’s way makes life productive and fulfilling.

                                           we disobey God.

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The beginning of the world launches the story of the Hebrews.  This series of lessons will look at other traditions and stories of creation, how they are like the story in Genesis and how they are different.

Purpose:                            To record God’s creation of the world and His desire                                             to have a people to worship Him.
Author:                               Moses
To Whom Written:             The people of Israel
Date Written:                     1450-1410 BC
Setting:                             The region presently known as the Middle East
Key Verses:                      1:26, 27 and 12:2, 3
Key People:                      Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah,                                            Jacob and Joseph
The Story of Creation            1:1—2:3
Other stories
Hebrew language

The Story of Adam & Eve      2:4—5:32
Adam & Eve
Cain & Abel
Adam’s Descendants

The Story of Noah                   6:1—11:32

The Flood
Repopulating Earth
The Tower of Babel

The Story of Abraham            12:1—25:18

Promise of a Nation
Abram & Lot
Promise of a Son
Sodom & Gomorrah
Isaac’s birth
Isaac & Rebekah
Abraham dies

The Story of Isaac                    25:19—28:9
Jacob and Esau
Isaac & Abimelech
Jacob gets Isaac’s Blessing

The Story of Jacob                  28:10—36:43
Jacob starts a family
Jacob returns home

The Story of Joseph               37:1—50:26
Joseph sold into slavery
Judah & Tamar
Joseph in jail
Joseph in charge of Egypt
Joseph & brothers meet
Jacob moves family to Egypt
Jacob & Joseph die in Egypt